Smart TV: To Buy or Not to Buy?

A smart TV is basically a television that is able to connect to the internet. You will hear this being called internet-ready television but the truth is that this is a device that’s over-prized despite all the publicity. Not that they are totally useless, but experts explain why this isn’t an excellent option as talked about here.

Security is something that you can place at the back seat when it comes to internet capable devices. Smart TVs have been known to act as spies and this is something that you would obviously not want done to you. When you have this device in your room, you just cannot be sure of your privacy being guaranteed now that some will even come with cameras. You’ll always be on edge just because you are not so sure if there is an extra eye behind that screen.

The online world is susceptible to hackers and this goes to say that smart TVs could fall prey to this. As if someone spying into your life is not enough, you might be surprised that risky apps could be installed as this article mentions, something that any TV owner wouldn’t like. Precious information on your files could in this way be retrieved by parties that you wouldn’t want.

Marketing firms could get their hands on your watching habits now that they will have someone to get such information. There are even some that will figure out your IP address so as to send you advertising emails and calls that are nothing short of bothersome. Rather than putting yourself through such predicament, it would be a good idea to give smart TVs a wide berth.

As talked about here, if you were to ask anyone that owns this device, they will probably complain of how poor smart TV interface is. The user is mostly forced to feed data using the remote and this can be an arduous task. Truth be told, you will in most cases get bored even prior to getting started with the movie.

The performance of lots of smart devices is a step ahead in contrast to what smart TVs have to offer. It wouldn’t be a shocker for your screen to keep freezing from time to time anytime you try perform an intensive task. Such kind of performance issues will interfere with the smooth flow of whatever you are viewing.

Last but not least is their costly price tags as explained by smart TV owners and this is something that can set you back financially. We are living in lean times and smart TVs don’t seem to understand this. Lots of buyers consider a higher price to mean quality goods but this isn’t true.