Guide to Dog Treats and Their Uses and Choices When you award your dog, it is simple to understand why they do what you say and this is because food motivates them. Food is the most effective reward you can offer a dog that is under training. There are many different shapes of dog treats, but when you are training your dog, you need to prepare the treat is such a way that it is easy to break so that you only give your dog morsels so that they can easily finish each bite. Unlike those top-notch treats or treats that your dog really likes, lower-ranked treats can be used as a reward for simple exercises that your dog has already learned, except that you need to see to it that there are no distractions when you give them because to your dog they are not very appealing. Other than the role of treats during training, treats are also a means to divert your dog’s attention to chewing your cherished household items. This happens when puppies need to chew on something in order to relieve the pain of developing teeth. There are also treats that are designed to sanitize and clean the teeth of your dog. Treats also provide mental stimulation and cheer when you have to leave them alone.
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Dog treats are usually packed and ready to use, displayed in your local pet shop. However, it is important to seek out treats that provide healthy benefits for your pet and not just for those single resolve that has been mentioned above. You have to also see to it that whatever form, shape, size and firmness you are giving them, that they are adequately chewed and consumed. Make sure that you read labels and follow feeding guideline since most treats are made to certain purposes. Always read the ingredients of the treats you buy for your pet and ask your vet if these are healthy ingredients good for your pet.
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If you are not careful with the treats you give you dog, then you might be compromising your dog’s health. This is because most standard dog treats contain unhealthy ingredients like chemical agents including coloring, preservatives, flavoring, and others. You dog’s fur and skin will show the results of taking in chemicals found on dog treats. They begin to develop skin problems like rashes and dull fur. And this is why many pet owners are choosing organic treats or that that have no harmful ingredients. High quality protein, rich fiber, and important nutrients are found in the bets organic pet treats. The best way to deal with your pet’s weight problem is to give it foods with high quality ingredients.