Advantages of origami.

Origami is the art of paper folding artistically into designs. The art is applied in different sectors such as education, psychology and creativity. The art is wide and is not just the actual craft idea. The art is advantageous and has many benefits in a good number of ways. Origami instills the art to both the children and the older people in general.

For example, has the ability to encourage growth in a number of ways. The people are turned out to be the active consumers and not the passive consumers who become essential in the latest technology.There is much creativity which is imparted into the mind of the people involving themselves in the origami making.

Origami assist the people with low self-esteem issues. This is in the establishment and creation of many arts and designs. The mind is separated from the otherworldly beliefs whereby the hands are kept busy and thus the hands are left to work on a given piece of work.

Origami designs are beneficial in the clearing of the environment. Instead of throwing away the papers in the trash or dustbin, the origami designs maximize the benefits of the papers instead of trashing them away. Imagine the state of the surroundings whereby there is a lot of trash and dirt created in the environment. The origami design is probably applicable and used as a strategy to secure the environment from unwanted matter.

The origami designs are the petals that are applied in the jointed learning and in this the students who are in a class could be asked to make the designs.The students when given the assignment to make paper flowers, are likely to be involved in discussions whereby they share ideas on how to come up with the best design.The Origami designs are made in a way that they can also be used by the learners who relates them to mathematical structures. There are crucial algebraic conditions which are likely to be learnt by the students who form the given designs.

It is important for cognitive development. Creativity is a virtue which is developed when the sequencing of the specific results is used .As a strategy to learn and build on the cognitive development, the motor skills learnt in the making of the origami flowers could be applied to the customers and the clients. The children study the usefulness of patience and the exploration of the material issues, help and in development of tolerance.

It promotes social interaction and a feeling of well- being, team building exercise, and development of eye contact. Further , the art is used to learn more on how to communicate without the use of language.

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