How to Use a Penile Pump?

Vacuum Constriction Device is an external pump together with a band that can be used by any guy who is suffering from erectile dysfunction which then helps them achieve erection and maintain it. Acrylic cylinder is used to create VCD while the pump can be fixed to the end of manhood. The cylinder and pump are both used to generate vacuum which can help in achieving erection. The constriction ring or the band is then used in order to keep the erection.

For you to correctly use the penile pump, you just need to put the device to which it can be pumped either manually or powered by batteries over your manhood, pump air out of the cylinder that creates vacuum. Once blood is drawn to the shaft, that will be basis to achieve swelling and erection. Using lubricant when the genitals are erected, you have to slide the retaining band to the lower end of your manhood.

Intercourse may be attempted using the penile pump in place in order to maintain erection. You can actually leave the band safely for roughly 30 minutes to attain a successful intercourse. Be sure that the devices bought without prescription has quick release feature as there have been numerous reports of penile injuries mainly because of devices that are released slowly or it didn’t release the vacuum on-demand.

According to studies, it shows that around 50 to 80 percent of men are pleased with the results of using penile pump. Similar to other kinds of treating ED or Erectile Dysfunction, the satisfaction rates can decrease gradually over time. Vacuum constriction devices are completely safe and may be used by patients who have ED that’s caused various conditions such as poor flow of blood to the shaft, diabetes, surgery for colon or prostate cancer, psychological issues similar to depression or anxiety, and so on.

However, VCDs must not be used by men who may have congenital bleeding disorder or a kind of disorder that predisposes them to condition that is referred as priapism or prolonged, sometime painful erection that can lasts for hours. Examples consist of sickle cell anemia, some types of leukemia and other forms of blood conditions.

Vacuum constriction devices vary in cost, some can be around 300 dollars, others are in 500 and so on which will depend on the type and brand you buy. If you want something that works fast and happens that you have the money to spend for it, you can go for battery operated devices. Thing is, for men who have arthritis or has no good hand coordination or strength, then this option may not be really preferable.

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