Make Sure to Upload a Professional Photo on Social Media Sites With online networking sites becoming more popular than ever, choosing the right profile photo, or avatar, to use plays a very important role in creating one’s profile. You probably want to use an informal profile photo on your Facebook account, if this will only be for family as well as friends. If it comes to a LinkedIn profile, because it is a professional network, consider the impression you wish to convey and choose suitable professional profile photos for yourself. You would not attend a business meeting wearing a bathing suit or else ripped jeans, would you? But still, a lot of business professionals use profile photos carry out the virtual counterpart on their websites as well as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles.
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Even those who have great profiles in addition to intelligent comments drop the ball sometimes with their photo. Some professionals, out of privacy or a bid at branding, pick the logo of their business as their photo on social media. On the other hand, there is a reason why it is called “social” media. People wish to associate with their kind, not mysterious computers, and this is why you should try not to use your business’ logo. Your photo personifies you; it confirms that you are alive and breathing, and not a puzzling corporation.
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In choosing a photo, remember professionalism. People who are otherwise business-like get tempted to put photographs of themselves with their animals or their kids, at the beach, or with odd close-ups of an eye or ear. These casual pictures does not coincide with the supposed to be business-like character of their websites. Unless you need your potential clients to get the impression that you are a fun-loving individual and you have some quirky business, ensure that your professional profile photos appear like you are heading out to a business event. A plain head shot in your business attire would be ideal. Think of making a go at branding yourself with a photograph of yourself. A nice photo can be applied to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, your own website as well as publicity shot. By making use of the same photo all over, people will start recognizing you like they would if they were acquainted with you in the flesh. You will be getting plenty of mileage from such a photo, so if it’s ever possible hire a professional photographer to take your photo. You don’t have to spend so much on it. You can simply go to a professional LinkedIn photographer and have a nice quality photo taken that you could use all over. Remember that you will never get to meet many of the people you network with on the Internet. Your photograph is going to be the one image they have of yourself. So, best to make it an impressive one.