Factors to Consider When Choosing a Water Storage Tank

If you’re thinking about purchasing a water storage tank for the first time, you have to recognize the fact that not all tanks you see are the same. Although all of types you intend to consider do the same function of storing water, the truth is that they might be made up of different materials and come equipped with different conveniences and features.

So without further ado, here are some of the most important considerations when looking for a storage tank for your water storage needs.

1 – Type of Material
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The choice of material to which your storage tank is made up will depend primarily on the volume of water you plan on storing. Therefore, if you want to store remarkable volumes of water, it means you need something that is made out of concrete or welded steel. You also can explore the possibility of combining bolted and shop-welded tanks for large volumes of water storage.
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2 – Placement and Size

You must also determine the space available for where the tank will be erected. If in the case your space is very limited, you therefore have no other choice but to choose a tank with a small diameter. However, it does not mean you no longer have the ability to store enough volume of water with a small diameter tank since there are varieties out there that offer long height to compensate for the limited diameter. But if you have the luxury of a wider space, then a wider and shorter tank will be the better option.

3 – Environmental Issue

Remember that the kind of tank you choose for water storage will likewise be influenced by the environment to which it’ll be placed. Environmental factors like weather, seismic conditions, and wind loads can influence your choice of a tank variety.

4 – Issues of Corrosion

Even if this is your first time buying a water storage tank, you probably already know that the most difficult enemy it will be facing is corrosion. Accordingly, you need to address this issue right before you make the purchase. By far, the most practical solution is choosing a tank with a corrosion resistant coating.

5 – Expansion Possibilities

Is the water storage tank intended for business? If that’s the case, you must think about the possibility of expansion. A bolted water tank is designed to be expandable using simple hardware and gasket. Refrain from buying field welded and concrete tanks because they’re impossible to expand.

6 – Possibility for Moving

Lastly, you also can explore the possibility of having to move your tank from one place to another, and if this is the case, portable water tanks are your best bet. But just make sure you buy one that is safe to move and won’t compromise your water storage ability.