Drones can reach angles and produce moving shots a traditional handheld camera cannot. Filmmakers use drones to capture scenes that move over terrain and photography teachers are starting to use drones in classes to teach students how to take otherwise difficult to impossible shots. Drones have also become a popular way to take selfies, especially in situations where a selfie stick or a smartphone would prove dangerous. The Best drones for taking selfies are small enough to fit in a pocket, can produce a quality image, and are easy to fly.


Selfie drones range in price from the budget friendly to a sizable investment. Some of the selfie drones on the market have limited flying time and others are better suited for high definition pictures and videos. Selfie drones on the lower end of the price range may not have an accompanying smartphone app for remote control capabilities. Most of the drones in the mid to higher end of the price tiers do have remote control capabilities. Consider the drone’s flight time, camera capabilities, size, ease of use, battery life and replacement costs, and flight stability.

Using a Selfie Drone

When you first use a selfie drone to take pictures or videos you’ll need to become comfortable with its range of capabilities. Testing out the drone a few times is mandatory, but you’ll probably want to test it for awhile to see what type of angles you can accomplish. You’ll also want to learn how to maneuver the drone and establish control over its flight patterns. Inclement weather is not the best environment to test or use a drone in. Steer clear of environments with high or strong winds.

Taking selfies with a drone can produce images you otherwise wouldn’t be able to capture. Good drones for this purpose are compact, easy to control, and take a decent, clear image. Depending on your budget, you may opt for a selfie drone that is capable of taking high definition images, longer flight times, and comes with accessories to help stabilize the drone’s flight. You’ll need to develop your skills by testing out the drone for awhile, but in the end you’ll have plenty of fun learning how to take pictures and videos that offer a unique experience for the viewer.