Getting “in” with Microsoft is powerful and substantial. Video game developers reach a certain apex in their capabilities and networking when they connect with Microsoft on the Xbox One platform. The same applies for business consulting agencies that are able to bridge many gaps and connect with Microsoft at a very specific level. This is more than knowing a Microsoft executive, though it is a bit of that. is a Microsoft Member in the Microsft Partner Network. This association brings clout, recognition, and resources to a company already continuing down a prosperous trajectory.

What does this mean moving forward?

All of those details are vague, so what does this really mean for the exploration and growth of VALiNTRY? Clearly, Microsoft’s status as a financial juggernaut will provide insightful resources for business consulting. The association will allow VALiNTRY to grow creatively by taking the pre-existing client group and boosting it with new support services. Everything is enhanced. But, being a network partner still allows for creative freedom.

Clients will have access to this network through VALiNTRY. It will allow clients to reduce their costs by having quicker access to the resources they need. It will give them direct access to exclusive deals and arrangements that Microsoft has set aside strictly for Microsoft Partners.

Training and Continued Expansion

Microsoft also has systems in place to offer the best technical training because the company wants their partners to be at the top of technology and on the cusp of innovation. This serious system will push everyone to improve and, by extension, enhance their abilities as competitors.

The status of being in the MPN essentially recognizes that VALiNTRY is a valued entity in their industry. Microsoft will support the company as needed without infringing on the company’s creative successes that got them to this place in the first place.

In business consulting, there is no better acknowledgment both at a literal level and at a financial level. It is nice to hear that Microsoft is supportive. It is just as good, if not better, to here they are substantially supportive by offering real sources, time and some real energy.