Benefits of Microneedling Hair loss is not an unusual issue today especially with men who are starting to age. It is not a secret that men are most prone to hair loss, but what many people do not know is that hair loss is also associated to many women in the world, and a study showed that 30 million women are experiencing hair loss and 40 percent of entire number of the adult women are experiencing hair loss as a major problem. the good thing is that, if you are one who is suffering from hair loss, there is already something you can do and that is with the use of the only FDA approved treatment for hair loss. Microneedling was said to be effective by the duty of the International Journal of Trichology. There was a study of m100 men, that in a span of 3 months half of the total number of men will use the rogaine to for hair treatment, on the other hand the left number of men also were directed to use the Rogaine however along with it will also be a micro needling treatment also in a span of 12 weeks weekly, and as a result there were a huge difference between the men who used only rogaine and the ones had micdoneedling treatment as well.
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The study conducted the composed of 100 men proved that half of the men who used only rogain had felt that they had an improvement in their hair, on the other hand about 84 percent of group who used rogaine as well as the microneedling technique said that they felt more than 50 percent improvement with their hair loss problem.
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But do you know that microneedling is used for smoothing skin? And did it eve cross your mind this skin procedure have a good impact in improving the hair condition? One thing is that there are very many benefit of microneedling to the skin that also improves the stimulation of the hair growth such as the rejuvenating of the skin. The thing with using rogaine together with micorneedling is that the process creates some microchannels that enabled the hair follicle to easily absorb the rogaine and so makes it a better process and more effective hair growth method and remedy. Regular use of microneedling will surely yield a big improvement id you have a hair loss problem and so if you are one if the many men and even women who are suffering from this situation, it is now time for you try microneedling and for sure you will be more the satisfied with what this treatment has to offer you. Not only that it has great benefits for the skin, but microneedling also gives a good effect the hair.