How A Polygraph Machine Is Used To Detect Lies Lying or being dishonest is against the central values that are widely accepted throughout the human population and has also been supported been supported by various religions through scriptures. As much as we ought, to tell the truth always there are times when we are liable of lying especially to avoid the punishment that one should receive if they accepted their wrongdoings. When one decides to lie their bodies are likely to react which is indicated through various measurable physiological changes that are utilized by lie detecting machines as we get nervous and also anxious. The main machine that is used to detect lies is the polygraph which depends on physiological changes that happen when one is lying. There characteristic physiological changes that are associated with lying include an increase in breathing rate. Immediately after the rise in the breathing rates shallow breathing which is characterized by decrease in depth of the breath occurs. Such variations are easily detected by the polygraph lie detector since the machine has a pneumographic aspect. Also when one is lying there is a sharp increase in their blood pressure. The polygraph has a cardiographic aspect that quickly detects the change in blood pressure when one is lying. Another important sign that someone is lying is the increase in sweat discharge from their bodies. The galvanograph aspect of the polygraph which uses the principle of electrical conductivity of the skin. The the method usually measures the electrical conductivity of the skin which is obliged to increase with the increase in an amount of sweat which is the electrolyte, but it does not measure the actual amount of sweat discharged. Increase in the amount of sweat means an increase in concentration of the electrolyte and hence higher conductivity by the skin.
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All the results that are collected by the polygraph lie detector are recorded in the form of a graph. The polygraphs used to locate the data on graph papers in earlier methods used to record data. But modern polygraphs can be connected to computers where all the information will be saved and hence eliminate the task of analyzing data recorded as hard copy. It is also possible through a computer to carry out tests on multiple subjects where the computers store the results for later analysis or reference.
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There are other advantages that a digital polygraph has. One of the advantages is that there is software that is specially designed for analyzing information. The software includes capabilities to analyze charts and is specifically designed to help the examiners in their analysis. One may be required to use other methods of detecting lies and not depend on the polygraph only.