Ways You Can Remove a Builder’s Lien on Your House

If you want to remove a lien on your house, it is important to understand what type of lien it is right from the start. The process is usually fair and is easy. Upon discovering the type of lien your contractor or supplier has put on your house, there are several ways you can go about it. Here is how you can remove builder’s lien on your house.

You may not know much about this Act, this is the very first thing you ought to know. You need to have all the information you can get so that you can know what it is that you needed to do to get off it. It is wise to enquire from a friend or a relative who has walked this journey I the recent past. Visit the land registry office to find out what it is that you can do and how to go about it. Learn even more about the Act and how to go about it from online forums and the social media platforms.

Lien removal is a very easy task as it entails a few processes and procedures that can be easily done without straining. You should know after receiving payment in full is one of the ways you can initiate the process of removing Builders’ Lien on your home. Once a request has been submitted to the relevant bodies, Lien will be cleared within a timespan of twenty four to forty eight hours. And it is essential to note the time taken to process Lien removal differs from one area to another.
You also have a chance of having the lien removed from your property if you get a court order. If you want it removed, you can just go to court and request it done. What happens then is that whoever is asking for the lien to be removed has to give some money to the court that amounts to the lien itself plus some other charges on top. This will act as a replacement for the lien and it can be removed from your house.

A consent order requires more because the lien holder has to agree to the terms. The court order in this case has more power because you will not need consent from the lien holder. If the lien is not proved in time then it will be considered invalid. The trick is acting fast to disprove the lien before your time elapses. If no action is taken, the lien will definitely expire.

Lien removal can be done through many ways and via trust is one the effective ways. A lawyer facilitates this process of trust by ensuring all ends of the deal are met as payment can be made prior to removal.

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